Singa In Disguise: Bachelor In Graphic Design

Bachelor In Graphic Design

I've been through a lot these past few years.:131: Fall in love,:t: patching up,:n: breakup,:68: stumble,:y: stand up,:f: give up,:49: move on:50: and yet I still myself. I didn't update my blog though. Can't even do anything right while go through all that.:face22:

But, right know. Trust me I never feels so much better.:face38: I even continue my study in Art and Design:119: Can you believe I used to cried a lot:104: just because I have a late offer letter:u: from UIA to further my accountancy studies. And  it feels like study in Diploma Graphic is a tortured but in the end I graduated:f: and even continue with Bachelor in Graphic Design. Unbelievable:119:

We never know what good it does to us.:face64: I'm a big risk-taker and I take-it-all.:face46: Bad and Good. I'm gonna walk:79: through this road where ever it take me too.

This gonna be my very first post after those up-and-down challenge.:128: Hereby, I'm going to put my online portfolio here, to complete my studies:90: for this semester and hopefully my beloved lecturer's will approve me to illustration majoring.:face44: Wish me well.:f:

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  1. good luck!!..
    akak doakan smoga cita2 aishah tercapai..:)


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