Singa In Disguise: Resolution for Challenges

Resolution for Challenges

I knew very well that I'm not in a good shape to be doing this right now. :face22: But, I have to. Humans ; People - That's what we are.:86: We tend to overlook everything over something. 
Misunderstanding, misjudge, mistook everything.

For exampleblogger-emoticon.blogspot.comthere is an old lady carrying her baby along the street. Begging for pennies, a loaf of bread, humanity, mercy or whatever that come a cross your mind when you looking at She came to you. Hopefully, you would give her anything - anything at all.:f: My religion, we believe something over everything:a2: Even though we're just a human - who tend to overlook everything over In this situation, maybe she going through challenges in her struggle. (everything over something) But, when she came to you, most likely it was your inside going through a battle (challenges) - Should I help If you make a good deed - help her that one time,:face38: maybe, just maybe a good things will come to you. And maybe, if you wasn't realizes yet. You actually did believe something over everything the moment you thinking My point is there always have test for you in someone else's struggle. It's pretty hard to really understand.:f: I know. I'm a human myself.:131:

There is a moment I thought :face41: I'm done with this - Can't fight anymore:face36: - Give up and all. I don't want to put anyone in my troublesome lifetime.:face13: Really. Yet, there are persistent people. My mum saidblogger-emoticon.blogspot.comYou're wrong. You not troubling them. The best peoples in your life:n: - they willing to be there with you, going through this with you not only by asking questions, but they actually did:r::r: - Let them be. You find yourself strong enough to actually do the same for them in

 :face38:I see life as two-way-mirror. If I look it from my side alone,:87: I wouldn't understand a person on the other side.:85: Even you just walk away after take a glimpse, you can always turn back and look in the mirror once again.:face46: It took me long enough to figure this

What I'm saying is don't afraid to take another chances and look closer - again and again:90: when you going through thick and thin in your life. That's the only resolution we, human can take to go through challenges and avoid from overlook something:j: - that means a lot to us.  As challenges is never-ever:128: gonna stop here and hereafter. So do you -  a mere human being, who always making a same old mistake.:face72: And that's, you know its true.:131:

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