Singa In Disguise: Sometimes


Sometimes I need someone badly,
Even I'm not sure that we both feel the same way.

Sometimes I'm thinking "Did you ever miss me?",
Even I'm pretty sure there's no way we missing each other.

Sometimes I got a feeling "We're madly in love",
Even I know it's just a dream that might not come true.

No matter how much that 'sometimes' is. Both of us. Trying hard.
Pretending like it's not going to hurt much more without that 'sometimes'.

We're afraid of our own future.
That's why we didn't take a single step.
And let this feeling killing inside.

But, I got this little though. In my mind.
I can make a little different if I ever dare to hold that 'sometimes'.

Because I know.
Someday in future I would never ever regret for not trying.
Unlike you....

..السلام عليكم

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